proseminar fellows

Unexpectedly Useful: A New Look at the PhD; or, How I’ve Learned to Appreciate My Degree


“It was liberating to realize that through our doctoral studies we are gaining experiences and skills that will help us pursue exciting careers in the nonacademic world,” says proseminar fellow Malkah Bressler. “It felt even better to learn how to translate our experiences into terms that will make us competitive job applicants.”


The Strength of the Alt/Ac Candidate on the Academic Market


“My fellow scholars in the MLA’s Connected Academics proseminar,” says Beth Seltzer, “tackle a mind-boggling range of responsibilities. They edit academic journals, serve as assistant deans and departmental administrators, lead graduate student associations, and volunteer with local youth-art programs. And they get all this done while they’re writing their dissertations and producing strong academic scholarship. I am sure that—through their work in various fields—they will make the world a better place.”