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On Serendipity; or, How to Be a Lucky Job Hunter

“It’s true that serendipity—otherwise known as luck—plays a role in job hunting. There are certain things over which job seekers have no control…” But in this post, Connected Academics project coordinator Stacy Hartman looks at some of the things job seekers do control, arguing that luck in job hunting isn’t as random as it can appear.

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#ntwrkdPhD: Further Professional Resources for PhDs to Network Their Skills Outside the Academy

“All professions have their own jargon,” says Christopher Martiniano. “Identifying and using their key words, phrases, and acronyms is also crucial to making your résumé “scannable” and relevant to a potential interviewer. Like using SEO in a Web site, “keywording” your résumé with phrases and important words to a profession will help you get past the machine-reading level of most human resources departments.”

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Help! My Adviser Says She Can’t Mentor Me

Q: I finally screwed up the courage to talk to my adviser about my decision to leave academia. She was really supportive, but she also said she had no idea how to help me. So now I feel kind of stuck without any kind of mentorship in my new career path. What should I do?

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