Preparing for Life Outside the Academy: A Primer and Resource Guide

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By Sarah Goldberg

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Sarah GoldbergSarah Goldberg received her PhD in Latin American and Iberian cultures from Columbia University in 2016. Her dissertation, “Entertaining Culture: The Rise of Mass Culture and Consumer Society in Argentina,” explores early-twentieth-century Argentine celebrity, amusement park attractions, variety shows, home entertainment, and mass-circulation periodicals of varying degrees of sensationalism. She was the recipient of the Ángel del Río Prize for her dissertation chapter “Caras y Caretas: An Entertainment Pioneer.”

When she is not researching, writing, or teaching, Sarah is an editorial assistant for the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies and a sometimes assistant at a Manhattan-based literary agency. She recently interned at Columbia University Libraries, where she collaborated with the Digital Humanities Center and completed a case study on Argentine e-books. She is always game for a good read on the history of science and may often be found talking genre fiction, music, and research adventures on Twitter.

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