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Feral Humanism

by Brian Pietras

By Brian Pietras I went to graduate school in the humanities because I like thinking about things that the wider world often deems odd…

MLA Career Exploration Activity Packet: Skills Self-Assessment, Job Ad Analysis, and Next Steps

by Beth Seltzer

The MLA Career Exploration Activity Packet is designed to help you work through some of the more common blocks and obstacles to exploring a wide range of humanities careers. The three activities walk you through the process of learning what you have to offer, thinking about what types of work are out there, and creating a plan for your next steps. While these activities won’t give you all the answers, they’re designed to get you thinking.

Connected Conversations: Bennett Donovan

by Stacy Hartman

In the fifth installment of our Connected Conversations series, Bennett Donovan, practice manager of Managed Services at Blackbaud, talks about how he went from history PhD to data-management specialist, how he uses his PhD in his current position, and what he sees as the most important and enjoyable aspect of his job.

Connected Conversations: Rachel Bernard

by Stacy Hartman

In the third installment of our Connected Conversations series, Rachel Bernard, program officer at the American Council of Learned Societies, talks about a typical workday, how she uses the research and communications skills she gained from her PhD, and what she thinks graduate students can do to prepare for life outside the academy.