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Comparative Literature, Digital Humanities, and the Interstitial PhD

“Oh, you have a PhD, so you must be a professor?” Emily McGinn, digital humanities coordinator at the University of Georgia, is not unfamiliar with the question. As she says, “The resulting blank stare is often followed by something like, “So … you scan stuff?” Such is the nature of the alt-ac existence, not quite legible, almost interpretable, nearly recognizable.”


#ntwrkdPhD: Further Professional Resources for PhDs to Network Their Skills Outside the Academy

“All professions have their own jargon,” says Christopher Martiniano. “Identifying and using their key words, phrases, and acronyms is also crucial to making your résumé “scannable” and relevant to a potential interviewer. Like using SEO in a Web site, “keywording” your résumé with phrases and important words to a profession will help you get past the machine-reading level of most human resources departments.”

Connected Conversations: Rona Sheramy

In the second installment of Connected Conversations, Rona Sheramy discusses the skills and qualities that make it possible for humanities PhDs to thrive outside the academy; the importance of having smart, curious, critical thinkers in all areas of society; and loving the work that she does as the executive director of the Association for Jewish Studies.

Alt-Ac in the Archives

Alt-Ac in the Archives

Rachel Wimpee has a PhD in French and French studies from New York University. A former American Council for Learned Societies Public Fellow, she is now a historian in the Research and Education division of the Rockefeller Archive Center.

From French Professor to Fund-raising and Development

From French Professor to Fund-raising and Development

“I was unsatisfied with many aspects of university work—for example, the isolation and competitiveness—and eventually discovered I’d exhausted the possibilities at my disposal or realized that what I was looking for or enjoyed doing was not there. I decided to bring my love of learning, along with my drive for accomplishment and success, to the world beyond the university.”