New Connected Academics Research Fellow at ASU

Shannon LujanArizona State University has selected its first Connected Academics Research Fellow, Shannon Lujan.

Shannon is a PhD Candidate in English at ASU. She studies contemporary multi-ethnic American literature and is particularly interested in the connection between walking, storytelling, place, and memory. Her research focuses largely on acts of walking as social, political, and personal agents of change and identity markers. She holds a BS in English Literature (minor in History) and a MA with an emphasis in migration from Eastern New Mexico University; Shannon also brings an unusually high level of professional and research experience to the position.

Shannon will work as part of a team that includes partners in the Office of Graduate Education, the Department of English and the School of International Letters and Cultures, at times taking leadership over a range of activities related to the MLA/Mellon Connected Academics grant. Above all, she will be assisting fellow graduate students to find meaningful and appropriate internships across a range of academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses outside of the academy.

Please welcome her!

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