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Instead of “Networking,” the Art of Asking

By Molly Mann
When you ask a roomful of humanities scholars what they think about networking, the tension is palpable. Sure, much of the work of our profession is contingent upon relationship building—it’s how we develop publishing contacts and find collaborators, and why we travel around the country on shoestring budgets to attend conferences—but there’s something about the word “networking,” with its connotations of boardrooms and power suits, that is both mysterious and repellent to us.

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On Serendipity; or, How to Be a Lucky Job Hunter

“It’s true that serendipity—otherwise known as luck—plays a role in job hunting. There are certain things over which job seekers have no control…” But in this post, Connected Academics project coordinator Stacy Hartman looks at some of the things job seekers do control, arguing that luck in job hunting isn’t as random as it can appear.

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